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    The Roof Top Tent is very popular in Australia for more than a decade, no record showed someone fell off the tent, a few tips for sleep on the rooftop tent.

    1.Zipper up the entrance when you go sleeping, even you forget to close the entrance, the size is hard for a person to fall off. 

    2.Park the car on the flat ground, not a steep ramp.

    Then Being high up means you’re safe from critters, Hardshell rooftop tents provide more protection from the elements like wind, rain, or hail, our products made with high-quality, durable materials for years of service, so sleep on Centori Rooftop tent is safe.

  • YES.

    Many people may mistakenly believe that the force point of the roof tent is on the surface of the roof panel, worrying that it will be pressed out of a big pit, but in fact the main four force points of the roof are pressed on the car frame, here is the car The hardest part of the material is used, so don't worry about the possibility of being crushed at this point.

    Also, your crossbars need to have a dynamic weight rating of at least 120 lbs to 150 lbs. The weight of the tent and the people sleep inside totally will be 4 times of the dynamic weight rating, we prefer using a  pair of HEAVY DUTY through crossbars, with width over 2'', it will help a lot.

    Some new vehicles like Tesla 3, Tesla S, the 2 crossbars will be as close as 37'', we normally recommend over 40'' is better, but, does Tesla can not install RTT, the answer is NO.

    We updated our bottom frame, with more cross support, this disadvantage was solved.

    The best way is to check your loading capacity is the first step, then chose the right RTT for your lovely car!

  • 1.Check your Roof size.

    2.How many people you will sleep in.

  • 1.3 guys;

    2.Your platform prefer, if use crossbars, please no thinner than 2” width, one of the four (4) mounting sets onto the platform/crossbars at each corner, then mount on one side of the tent than the other;

    4.adjust the tent in the centre of the car and tighten all of the hardware so that your tent will not move or vibrate while driving.

    For further details please find our Manual as enclosed. 

  • Hard Shell Tent material: The shell is made from ABS engineering Plastic, 

    Hard Shell Tent fabric is Polyester with waterproof and  UV protection 50+;

    Softcover Tent material:the TopCover is 420D canvas w/ PU 3000mm, 

    Softcover tent Body: 600D/TC280G(after 9/1/2020, we upgrade all canvas material to 280g which is the HIGHEST QUALITY CANVAS in the market, ripstop Canvas w/ PU 7000mm, W/P,UV protection 50+;

    Another Material: fasten is iron and aluminum

    Ladder: 2m Aluminum alloy telescopic ladder (to climb in) and all fixing brackets included.

    Built-in thickened comfort sponge mattress, Zippered mosquito screens, breathable anti-mosquito.


  • Techniquely YES, but we call it customer-made order, will cost you extra $200 and up to 55 days time after the order confirmed and be paid in full;

    To minimum our cost of inventory,  we provide the most popular color Black/White shell, and Dark Grey fabric 

    if you really want different colors pls email us and mark it specially. 

  • Abs in nowadays is the most widely used material for Automobile products,ABS resins can be used for moulding.

    parts requiring close dimensions, outstanding surface finishing, high impact resistance, and metal plating. In addition,

    ABS has good toughness and rigidity, low creep, good dimensional stability, resistance to acids and alkalis.

  • To be more practical at night.

    In order to save extra hotel expenses.

    Damp resistance.

    stay away from critters like snakes, raccoons, and all other varmints will make your sleeping at ease.

    Easy setup Easy cleanup, no headaches.

    Sleep and rest anytime, anywhere, and observe higher places.

    If you build a tent on the ground, it is likely to be attacked by mosquitoes or beasts. With this tent, you can sleep safely and observe the night sky.

    Ready to go? Email us, and ask for a deal! 

  • 1. Please pay attention to whether it affects the opening of the rear door of the vehicle when loading the roof tent.

    2. Do not use in typhoon and windy weather above level 5.

    3. Do not exceed the maximum load capacity.

    4. Do not enter the automatic car washroom after loading the roof tent.

    5. Do not open the roof tent on a large inclined road or when the car is not stationary.

    6. Pay attention to the safety of children in the roof tent, especially the ladders up and down, try to avoid children alone on the roof, so as to avoid the danger of falling.

    7. Please close the roof tent when driving, and pay attention to the height of the roof after loading the roof tent.

  • We have limited inventory in our warehouse in TX to serve our clients,

    Since we optimise our supply chain, after 11/11/2020, the delivery shortened to 5~12 days only.