A Brand New Way To Camp

A Brand New Way To Camp – Jump In Your Truck And Take Your Hardshell Roof Top Tent With You

Rooftop tents are among the most exciting camping and Overlanding products to hit the market in recent years. These tents are simple to set up, super comfortable, and allow campers to sleep off the ground. However, not all rooftop tents were created equal.

Hard Shell Rooftop Tent


Hardshell rooftop tents are usually fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon fiber. The main advantage of hard shell tents is that they offer the best protection against all weather conditions. They also provide comfort, safety, and durability compared to soft-shell rooftop tents.

Soft-Shell Rooftop Tents


Soft-shell rooftop tents come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some are essentially glorified sleeping bags attached with a rainfly, while others are more like traditional camping tents with solid flooring and internal frame construction. Most softshells open like a clamshell, though some newer designs open from the side to the front.

While there is no denying that soft-shell rooftop tents are top-rated right now, there are many reasons why we believe they don't stack up against hard shells when it comes to real-world use.

The other advantage of a hardshell tent is that it offers better protection against theft and bears. Due to their design, they are more stable and quieter and can be used in almost all kinds of weather conditions. They can also be easily stored on your vehicle's roof rack, bed rack, or trailer.

Why Should You Buy Hardshell Roof Top Tents?




The goal of a hardshell tent is to offer the best protection in bad weather, and therefore if you are planning some wild camping, especially during winter or in areas where it rains a lot, this is the best choice.

2. They Are Very Versatile


A hardshell rooftop tent is very versatile and will allow you to camp on different terrains and surfaces. Also, the structure of this kind of tent usually will enable you to add an annex room with all the comforts.

3. They Are Durable


Hardshell rooftop tents are excellent, comfortable, and durable, and even if they are more expensive than other options on the market, they will last for years and years without any problem.

4. Easy To Set-Up


We love rooftop tents because they're easy to set up and take down, lightweight, and durable. They also allow you to camp anywhere without worrying about finding a level spot or digging a hole for your tent stakes.

Bottom Line:


For many, the ultimate camping experience involves setting up a tent. And of course, with traditional tents, there's always the chance that you might get rained on or have to deal with other inclement weather conditions.

However, if you like the appeal of camping but don't love the prospect of using a tent, then the hard shell rooftop tent might be just the solution that you've been looking for! Use Awning for Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for a fantastic experience throughout your camping journey.

So if you go out on the trails more often than not, we recommend keeping your tent stored away safely on your roof rack and not in your garage or storage unit. This will allow you to enjoy your outdoor adventures more often without worrying about setting up camp every night!



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