Our Stories

In 2005, George and Jo decided to turn their passion for car modification and travel into a business. They founded a procurement consultancy focused on sourcing high-quality products for their customers. With Jo's expertise in procurement and supply chain management, they were able to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

As travelers themselves, George and Jo were always on the lookout for ways to make their trips more comfortable and efficient. It wasn't until they discovered roof top tents that they found the perfect solution. These tents allowed them to travel comfortably and effortlessly, freeing them from the hassle of setting up and breaking down traditional ground tents.

Inspired by the joy and relaxation that these tents brought to their own travels, George and Jo decided to devote themselves to the development of this product line. They wanted to bring the same sense of comfort and freedom to busy individuals and families, and provide a way for children to experience the wonders of nature away from the distractions of modern society.


Je was a mechanical engineer for Emerson Electric, designing valves apply in oil and gas industries, he helped George made his idea onto drawings and in details, every order we placed, we would implement new ideas, new functions, and new looking into the products.

With more people witnessing what we did and how fast we update the design, more friends and business owners came to us for outsourcing opinions and strategies, they wanted faster updates, faster manufacturers reaction, and faster shipping.

Day by day, we began to focus on limited product lines, sports stuff, and outdoor equipments. We helped a lot of private businesses who produced sports gear like private-labeled Camping gears, climbing gears, Cycling gears, including baseball bats,  gloves, and different kinds of balls; we were very enjoying what we had accomplished!


Years of sourcing consulting work, we began to follow our own path. Since 2014, considering the new trade policies, we are motivated to build more local contacts. In near future, we want to be one of the businesses hailing the slogan of “MADE IN USA and PROUD OF USA”.