A tip for RTT users and offroaders

A tip for RTT users, and offroaders,
We always learn something from our trips, such as better gears, someone's bad experiences,
The baja trip, we witness a bad RoofTopTent accident,
After a few days of bumps and sands, we happily set off to the east coast oyster farm, dreaming about delicious seafood, and our mood was particularly relaxed. When I was listened to the passionate music of Mexico, my eyes suddenly see a big dark shadow flickered ,put an emergency brake on the hillside, found that the front RTT tent flew out and fell to the ground, as a RTT rescurer, I jumped out of the car and think I could do some help.
It is a Soft top Rooftop Tent, the bottom board was deformed, The screws on 4 points were tighened still on the trailer's rack, the bolts remained in the RTT, the threads on the bolts stripped out, allowing the RTT to fly off. Another reason is, the bumpy roads and vibration caused the alluminum thread holes enlarged too much, 6 points of screws, all strip out, then it is inevitably happened.
According to our current experience, there are no less than three possible causes of such accidents,
1, It could have been due to the RTT not being secured tight enough during installation
2, Crossbars users should take an extra effort to secure the crossbars on Manufacturer's side rails, wires should be good.
3, Offroaders, need to put extra washers and Nylon screws to secure the rails with RTT, this could prevent the above accident happen.
I would suggest 3 things as safety measures to help prevent the RTT from coming off the car during a collision/accident:
1. Be sure all bolts/nuts are securely tightened at installation;
2. Add the wire cables to secure the RTT at all 4 corners of the rails as a safety factor to assure the RTT will stay attached to the car roof rails if an accident occurs(this is for all CROSSBAR users to support their RTT)
3. After a few trips, suggest that all bolts/nuts be once again re-tightened, as they can loosen slightly caused by vibration and jarring during travel. Better put extra washers and screws to secure rails and RTT tightened together.
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