Become A Master Of The Wild & Sleep Under The Stars With A Roof Top Tent

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to sleep on top of your car? Well, now you can! A rooftop tent is exactly that, a tent that sits on top of your car or truck. It allows you to camp anywhere at any time without worrying about finding a flat campsite.

If you are interested in getting into Overlanding and camping, we would highly suggest picking up one of these tents. And if you're not so sure, then here's all the information you need to make an educated decision.

What Are Rooftop Tents?


A rooftop tent (RTT) changes the adventure game by making it possible to set up camp just about anywhere quickly. It is a hard shell camper that fits on the roof of your vehicle and can be quickly folded out for use.

You are no more messing with tarps, tent poles, and rain flies—no more sleeping on the ground. Fold it back up and go when you're ready to head to the next destination! You'll have more time for fishing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, and you'll sleep better too!

RTTs allow you to camp in places where traditional tents are not practical or allowed. This includes popular dispersed camping areas where people park their vehicles along forest roads and camp on the dirt. It also has many places close to tent camping at night but open to overland-style vehicles with RTTs.

Why Buy A Rooftop Tent?


1. Comfort


Rooftop tents are more comfortable than regular tents. They keep you off the ground, out of the mud, and away from creepy crawly things.

2. Convenience


Rooftop tents are the most convenient tent on the market. They are set up in minutes and are ready to go when you are.

3. Safety


Rooftop tents are safer than other camping options because they keep you above danger. You don't have to worry about snakes biting you or waking up to find yourselves surrounded by a flash flood because you were camping in a low spot.

4. Pride Of Ownership


Rooftop tents look cool; there's just no way around it! People will take notice of your tent and will probably tell you so too! That's always a good feeling!

5. Because You Want To Sleep In A Tent On Top Of Your Car!!!


This is probably the best reason to buy a rooftop tent! There's nothing quite like going to bed at night, even if it's just in your driveway, knowing that you're sleeping on top of your vehicle! It feels like being in an airplane without paying for the flight!!

What Kind Of Rooftop Tent Should You Buy?


1. Hard Shell Roof Top Tent:


These are the more common type of rooftop tent and are generally lighter and more portable than their soft shell counterparts. While they come in various designs and sizes, most hard shell rooftop tents fold into a box shape that provides more headroom than traditional softshell tents.

They're also typically constructed with lightweight aluminum frames that are easy to set up and take down — it's as simple as sliding the tent out of its housing and unfolding it.

2. Soft Shell Roof Top Tents:


As their name implies, softshell rooftop tents are made from a softer material, usually canvas or nylon, which means they tend to be heavier than hardshell tents.

Softshell also usually requires you to assemble the tent poles before setting up the tent, which can be more time-consuming and challenging to do independently.

Softshell is also typically limited in size and can only comfortably accommodate two people at most, but many have added options like an integrated annex or gear storage.

Thanks to their more straightforward construction and design, softshell rooftop tents may also be less expensive than hard shells.

Bottom Line:


Becoming a master of the wild allows them to continue enjoying the stars for days at a time without having to spend a fortune at a hotel.

Most importantly, Roof Top Tents are also easy to install and takedown to carry with you if you decide to go camping again in another place. This is one of the reasons why more Americans are getting their hands on top roof tents today.

If you are looking to get into camping, or you want to better your experiences in the great outdoors, consider getting a rooftop tent. You will be able to explore further than you could before and have more comfort while doing it.

The setup and teardown of a rooftop tent are quick, easy, and reliable, making it the perfect solution for your off-roading needs!


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