Centori Roof Top Tent fabric for better protection

Lots of people ask us about Centori Outdoors Tent Fabrics, Let us explain here: 

We keep updating with the new textile technology, Although there are many fabric choices, we always choose the most practical, The best balance between keep warm and keep waterproof,  We have used 420D, 600D fabrics in the first half  year of 2019, Since June 2019, we have repeatedly tested multiple canvases and synthetic fabrics, constantly looking for chemical reagents added to the surface of Canvas, and finally found a waterproof reagent that can be better applied to 280g canvas fabrics, and the overall physical properties have passed the US SGS certification , In cotton canvas, the waterproof pressure test reaches 7000mm. In the market, canvas fabrics that can achieve such waterproof performance and thermal insulation performance are not very common, but we did it! Our four-season fabrics are real four season grade fabrics!


With better waterproof rank to MU 7000mm, and more breathable, will make the outdoors camping experience much more comfortable! 


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