Is Jeep JL good for Centori Adventurer XL Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Is Jeep JL good  for Centori Adventurer XL Hard Shell Roof Top Tent?

The answer is YES.

Adventurer XL RTT mounted on Jeep JL almost  the best match!

After Donald mount on his Jeep JL, he response us said it is very strong and very stable, see detail pictures how Donald mounted on his Jeep JL.

After careful comparation with so many other platforms, Mr. Donald choose an alluminum platform with 6 legs, two rear legs of each side is bolted into an internal skeleton installed in the jeep instead of resting on the water drain, so then the weight is spread evenly and support good.

Then he drove into the Colorado woods and national parks, with Centori Roof Top Tent, it turn out very stable, very warm(outside is arround 30F), Donald said he loves the tent so much!

We have some other options for Jeep Users, no bolts into the frame, welcome discuss, and leave us your opinion, your experience, help us to provide better solutions!



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