Glad to have an Adventuer XL hard shell Rooftop tent for my Ford 250

    I must say I am glad I got the xl size—after two nights in the tent—I really enjoy having the extra room and I do not feel cramped in the tent. I have had regular ground tents and when in them you feel so cramped. It is not bad if you are simply sleeping in them but people fail to realize that if it rains or it is windy and cold that one may need to spend time inside the tent other than for sleeping.  This would include having other gear in the tent with you. I have a battery operated fan and I thought I would need this inside the tent so far it is not needed. I actually woke up early this morning actually cold and wishing I had put a blanket up in the tent with me other than just a sheet.


     So after my second night I really slept better than the first night as with anything usually the first night whether in a hotel room or in a tent one usually does not get a fully rested sleep.


       I will eventually get the insulated kit from you assuming you still have it in stock. As I have a Mr. Heater, propane operated heater and I envision using the tent in the winter.


      I use the rain flap on the tent and I am glad I have as each morning the dew is all over the outside of everything. So this is a good choice. I want to experience the tent when it is raining so I can see the effects of this.


      One thing I like even with the rain flap fully deployed is I can still look up and see the stars while laying in bed. This is one awesome feature.


      I like the fact that the tent is big enough to move around in and to literally change clothes.


       I know this will sound silly, but I currently am liking to lay down lengthwise like the truck verses having my head along the “headboard”. I tried doing it the way it is supposed to be last night but went back to laying down length wise in line with the truck as this allows me to be able to look out the side window while laying down. So once again if I would not have gotten the bigger one I would not be able to do this.


      I figured out how to do the shoe thing. You sit on the edge by the ladder then take off your shoes, then climb in fully, this helps to prevent dirt from getting inside the tent. In the morning while getting ready to exit the tent after putting my pants back on you sit on the ledge and put the shoes back on last before descending down the ladder. – so this is why we practice!


-by Jack M in North Carolina

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