Good or Bad of Centori Hard Shell Roof Top Tent


Roof top tents hold a lot advantages over conventional ground tents. 

At the same time, some disadvantages you need to consider before you place an order ,let us discuss these good and bad.


All Good Elements

Easy – Will you love to set up the RTT in one or two minutes, after you take all effort arrive your destination? instead of unpacking bunch of bags to tied up the tent to the ground, and figure out which way to set up the rain fly, just two minutes you can climb in and rest!

You won’t need to lug your stretcher beds, mattresses, and bedding along every time. All bedding is already inside of the RTT.

Safety – The Roof Top Tents does offer a level of safety from certain animals and petty thieves, no wet ground around, no animal worries any more.

Comfort and Views– The high-density mattress equipped with RTT’s are fairly comfortable, Waking up in a roof top tent with a beautiful elevated view of the lake, sunrise, ocean or the mountains, where you are camping at. 

Weather-proof – Centori Outdoors offer 100% protection from the GSI certifiied Material, In addition,Rain cover for those stormy nights, No worry of your tent blowing away on windy days either.

All Bad Elements

Weight – Rooftop tents weigh anything up from 132 LBS (60 Kg) to over 90 LBS (200 kg) it will down grade your mileage, For FJ Cruiser, will from 18 mpg to 16 mpg.

Mounting – This requires Heavy Duty cross bars, and roof mounting kits to secure on your vehicle. 

Storage – Storage space is limited in my garage so i was forced to build a hoist and store it up under my garage ceiling. 




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