Have problems with the straps on a prinsu rack?

   I know a lot of people have problems with the straps on a Prinsu rack so maybe this will help them.

   If you buy Prinsu Rooftop Tent riser, it will be okay,

but 199 dollar for a few piece of metal plates, worthy? Also, lots of people do not want to rise up more inches, as it will hard to drive into garage. 

   Here is another creative solution from Thoeun, this clamps you can buy from anywhere, 2~3 dollar each, with rivet hold them on shell, then done.

   BUT, don’t forget to put a small iron plate and rubber sheet behind to fix the clip, so as to protect the ABS shell from damage under long-term acceptance.

 By: Thoeun Prom 



 Or, if you are Centori clients, just email Centori for a free extra pair of latches:



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