How Rooftop Tent Adventurer XL can support over 900 LBS?

We get a lot of questions about how the opened 2 HINGE Could support over 900 lbs? 

Anwer is: We do not use HINGE suport the two panels, the weight is widely spread over 0.5 inch by 83 inches area.

The first pictures show when opened up, how the small panel(left) stay with the big panel(right), with -15 degree in deep hinging tegather, not stay on any single HIGHEs, 

The second picture, shows, each side, how the HIGHE works to connect two panels, there are 7 screws on each side, 2 screw are one way inside, the other 5 screws are anti-slip and anti-dropping screw and nut. 

Each anti-slip anti dropping screw are look like this, with rubber ring in side:


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