Why Centori Roof Top Tent

The Appeal of a Roof-Top Tent

Centori Roof top Tent

Though roof-top tents have become more poplular in North America recently, but we knew Rooftop Tent have been very common for decades in Australia, where camping above the realm of creepy crawlies was instantly recognized as a genius idea.

Many roof-top tent owners in the States talk about how a high vantage point resonates with them on a primal level. Perhaps it’s harkening back to childhood and a love of treehouses—or deeper in our psyches, when we slept in trees so we could survey our territory from a safe vantage point before drifting off to dreamland.

And also, Easy setup Easy cleanup, 5 minutes preparation for sleeping, instead of moving your stuff from the car to camping area, pumping up the airbed, and for cleaning up you may spend another 40 minutes and pack back to the car,  Our Rooftop tent will help you have more time enjoy the nature with family and friends.
For most of the travelers, stay away from critters like snakes, raccoons, and all other varmints will make your sleeping at ease.
Damp resistance is another concern, stay in the Rooftop Tent will be away from the moisture of the ground.
Better ventilation might be another advantage for sleeping on top of the roof.

In addition, no booking, check-in, and check out headaches during the vacation, any 10 days trip will save you a fortune from paying the hotel, you may see better views than those who busy moving from one hotel to the other!

Ready to go! Email us, and ask for a deal! 

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