Will it work for my car?

Rooftop tents can and will work on any car, however, that doesn’t mean your car is ideal for one. 

If you own a sedan or a very compact vehicle such as a hatchback, keep in mind these tents will have a noticeable impact on your vehicle.

Check your Roof Capacity, choose a smaller roof top tent is an ideal choice.  

The reason being is that rooftop tents add additional weight on top of your roof, and increase aerodynamic drag. So if your car is super tiny like a Smart and with less power maybe 1.0L, you'll feel a change in power, speed, and acceleration. 

So far, in North America Market, most adventurers are equipped with SUV, pickup 4x4, Wagon, and Trailers, no matter you go with JEEP, Tacoma, RAV4, CRV, or family van like Sienna, or Odyssey, as long as your roof rack is strong you will be okay put on Roof Top Tent on your car roof. 

If you have a Smart, do not worry, here is a great example: 


Even Smart can pull a Roof top tent, what type of car can not, please let us know! 

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