How to Safely Store Your Centori Roof Top Tent

As the snow season creaps ever so slowly closer, you may wonder where to store your RTT?


1, Occam's razor: Just leave on your car.

Yes, it is as simple as that. As long as the fabric remain moisture free inside the tent, there is no need to remove your beloved RTT from the roof of you car. All of our tents are designed to provide a safe, dry, warm and cozy shelter no matter where you are, and snow is no biggie.

2,Hoist is up:

We understand that lifting Centori isn't eazy, so why bother? Just string few pulley together and whoa la! Eazy install, uninstall, and storage solution all in one.

This setup is built from two bike pully racks and webbing, which you can purchase below on Amazon/Homedepot/lowes:

Bicycle Hoist (250lbs capacity plus) 

Heavyweight Polypropylene Webbing 

Step 1, Place hoist from each other horizontally on the ceilling of the storage/garage, spaced about 50'~60' apart, adjust according to your Centori RTT.

Step 2,Mount the second set of pullies 40″ away from the first in the same fashion (50″-60″ apart), be sure your Centori is balanced well.

Step 3, Create a basic webbing loop from hook to hook that can slide under your Centori and hoist it up to your ceiling. 

3, Lean your Centori RTT against the wall with mattress bag covered. drill an eyehole screw a few inches into the wall on either side of the tent half way up and secure your Centori to the wall with a strap or rope.


If you have any about winter storage or any other aspects of your Roofnest, feel free to reach out to us at:

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