Installation issue about Strap and Space

Prinsu rack #prinsu is a very popular rack, it has great design, but when you put roof top tent on it, you will find out it is like a glove on your hand, no space to put finger in between

how to deal with?

Easiest way just buy the RTT raiser like this:

Some Overlanders using this Prusu Rack and they successfully solved that issue in different creative way. this is Philip, from Califonia, he went to HOMEDEPOT bought this one, see how great it looks! his car is Lexus GX460, #Lexus #gx460 #4runner #4runnernation #4runnerlifestyle


If you do not want to raise up the Centori Rooftop tent, you like the Rooftop tent like a hat on the SUV, it will work for you.

But if you have other accessories need to consider, such as 270 degree Awning, you have to consider more. 

Recently, we add extra 2 straps for your convenience, hope it will help as well. 


In General, Installmation will not be an issue for any vehiles, just depend on your roof rack or cross bar. 



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