Introducing the New Die-Cast Aluminum Lock for Fold-Out Series Roof-Top Tents

Have you ever struggled with closing your Roof-Top Tent (RTT)? Maybe your belts or straps gave out just when you needed them most. We've been there too, constantly refining our locks to make your camping experiences smoother. After countless iterations and feedback from our community, we're thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in our Adventurer Series: the Die-Cast Aluminum Lock.

The Journey to Perfection

Closing an RTT should be a breeze, yet many campers face challenges with securing their tents effectively. Straps break, locks fail, and frustrations mount. At Centori Outdoors Roof top tent, we're committed to solving these pain points litterly. 

Innovation at Its Core

The new Die-Cast Aluminum Lock marks a significant leap forward. Crafted from pure aluminum and reinforced with a 3mm wire on a solid base, it's designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The robust construction ensures durability without compromising on weight or ease of use.


Why Develop it until Today?

As the structural designers, we were accustomed to using ABS bases, but we too faced challenges with the locks. ABS couldn't offer a sturdy enough foundation for larger metal locks. However, recently, we've made a breakthrough. By integrating ABS with aluminum in our RTT tents, we leverage the lightweight nature of ABS and the solid base provided by aluminum.

With this solid foundation in place, we've begun to tackle this persistent headache effectively. This innovative combination marks a significant step forward in our quest for durable and reliable roof-top tents.

    Experience the Difference

    Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to roof-top tents, upgrading to our latest lock will transform your camping experience. No more wrestling with unreliable closures or worrying about your tent's safety on the road.

    Our Next Development Goal

    At Centori Outdoors Roof-Top Tents, we're dedicated to enriching your outdoor adventures. Our next priority is tackling two significant challenges: reducing weight without compromising product stability and strength, and enhancing ease of setup. We're well on our way to achieving these goals.

    Tell us More, what you want us to improve your Roof top tent

    Say goodbye to the frustrations of struggling with your Roof-Top Tent lock. Embrace the reliability and peace of mind offered by our new Die-Cast Aluminum Lock. Explore more, worry less—it's time to elevate your camping experience with confidence.

    Ready to upgrade? Visit Centori Outdoors to discover more about our Fold-Out Series and the innovative new lock designed to exceed your expectations. Adventure awaits—securely and stylishly.


    Centori Outdoors 

    June 16 2024


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