Story Sharing By Rainier Nombrado- How to fit the tight platform

We have standard mounting design of the Roof Top Tent, but customers' roof rack and roof platform are diverse, from A to Z. 
One issue from these kind of solid platform is space, make the RTT is so tight on the rack that some users may can’t strap it down.

So here are a few options From Mr. Rainier in WA, he shared his DIY and wrote: 
One would be a 1 inch tent stands to raise it 1 inch but that doesn’t give you much space. 
What did at first was add buckles to the side of my rack,

so I didn’t have to use the tents buckles which worked perfectly if the tent is in the center of the rack, Now it looks like this:

Now I have an awning on the driver side so I had to push the tent 5 inches to the right so I can now use the tents original buckles.
Another way is, carefully remove the straps, just switch it, no need to buy any material,  
Required tools:Drill and rivet:


Thank you for Rainier's sharing! It is really a great job!
Hope Centori Outdoors family members, share your stories, share your DIY experience!
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