ShowTent Hosts

Apply and earn 10% off your Centori Outdoors Roof Top Tent

Complete your application to become a Neighborhood Show Car and save on your very own Centori Roof Top Tent

  • All Outer Neighborhood Showroom Hosts begin their journey as customers. We help you get started with an exclusive 10% discount off your purchase.
  • Once your Outer sofa is delivered, you’ll be added to our host selection queue. Our Community Team will reach out should we need a showroom in your area.
  • If selected, Neighborhood Showroom Hosts unlock exclusive benefits such as payments for virtual tours, payments for in-person customer showings, early access to new products, and more.


Join our vibrant community of Centori Hosts

Our community of Neighborhood Showcar Hosts embody the spirit and values of Centori, Connect with a network of Hosts from around the country and celebrate your unique outdoors lifestyles.

Choose how you want to get involved

Centori Hosts participate in a variety of online and in-person activities as part of the Neighborhood Showcar program. Flexible options allow you to engage in ways that fit your lifestyle.

Earn exclusive benefits and rewards

Hosts can earn exclusive discounts on Centori products, receive payments for virtual and in-person tours, gain early-access to new products, and more. Apply today to receive 10% off the purchase of your own Centori Roof Top Tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I receive an upfront discount just for completing an application?

A:You will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of your Centori Roof Top Tent when you complete your application. This is available to you as soon as you complete your application and is independent of your approval status.

Q: If I complete my application, then does that mean I’m approved as a Neighborhood Showcar Host?

A:No. There are three steps to becoming approved as a ShowTent Host:

1) Complete your online application and earn 10% off of the purchase of your Outer sofa.
2) All Neighborhood ShowTent Hosts are required to become customers first. This ensures that all Hosts can share their ownership experience with prospective Cemtori customers. Use your exclusive 10% discount to purchase your very own Centori Outdoors Roof Top Tent.
3) After completing your application, our Community Team will contact you should we need a showTent in your area.